New lenses for your current frames? New frames for your own lenses, not a problem!

Miller Optical, Inc. has been making glasses in less than an hour for longer than the superstores have been in business. Since 1951 our founder, Lloyd Miller, produced eyeglasses for people while they waited. This tradition lives on today. If you want or need your new glasses right away just simply make that request. Every effort is always made to fulfill each customer's needs.

Miller Optical, Inc. does eyewear repairs unlike most of our competitors, who insist that your broken glasses are useless and need to be replaced. We can often repair your eyeglasses, while you wait allowing them to give you more service.

Broken frames can't be fixed?
We can find a replacement frame that your current lenses can be fitted into.

Soldering, hinge repairs, and parts replacement are always available!

Miller Optical, Inc. - Lancaster Location
845 Columbia Avenue • Phone: (717) 393-2020
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Miller Optical - Willow Street Location
222 Willow Valley Lakes Dr. • Phone: (717) 464-5695
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